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Annual financial results 2015

28 4 月 2016

Intrasense announces its 2015 annual results as approved by the Board of Directors on April 27, 2016.


"PEA-PME" eligibility for 2016 / 2017

15 4 月 2016

Intrasense reaffirms its eligibility to PEA-PME plan for the next 12 months.


Intrasense catalogue selected by UGAP

7 3 月 2016

Intrasense and its partner CFI have been selected by UGAP within its tender for IT hospital equipment.


Issuance of the full "BEOCASBA" bonds to Bracknor Fund Ltd and issuance of a first tranche of "OCABSA" for a total amount of €1,000,000

18 2 月 2016

Intrasense announces the setting up of "OCABSA"-based financing by Bracknor Fund Ltd.


Extraordinary shareholders meetings

17 2 月 2016

The February 17, 2016 extraordinary shareholders meeting has accepted voted all resolutions.


Setting up of "OCABSA" bond financing

13 1 月 2016

Intrasense has decided to set up an "OCABSA" bond financing for €5M max if approved by shareholders.


Signature of three new contracts at RSNA 2015 for a total value of €450,000

11 1 月 2016

Intrasense is pleased to announce the signature during RSNA 2015 of two contracts in the United States and one in Japan.

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