Benefit from clinical applications especially designed to perform your oncology, liver, prostate, colon or abdominal fat examinations within minutes. Dedicated clinical workflows offering a wide range of tools, adapted to each modality used.
Myrian XP-Prostate's AI option analyzes prostate MRI scans and highlights suspicious areas to help you in lesion detection and oncology follow-up.
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The Added values

A visualization dedicated to lesion follow-up

Efficient and precise oncology follow-up. Thanks to the dashboard, lesion identification and classification, follow the evolution of your patient's state of health.

Comprehensive clinical applications

Benefit from clinical applications for all abdomen-related examinations. Each module offers expert tools by pathology.

Intelligent automated tools

Within a structured workflow, Myrian tools enable you to segment, measure, calculate, compare and synchronize automatically.


IRM de la prostate - IRM Abdominal - Intrasense - Logiciel Imagerie Médicale, Myrian®


Benefit from comprehensive, reliable and automated post-processing tools, dedicated to multiparametric MRI examinations of the prostate. Create reports in just a few clicks, automatically transfer key images and exam data to your PACS.
Full range of multiphase and multivolume tools
Manual 3-axis prostate volume measurement
Multiparametric maps
Dynamic intensity curves to aid lesion detection
PSA density automatically calculated as a function of the PSA level entered
Lesion localization on a sectorial map of the prostate
Automatic transcription of lesion measurements (size, volume, ADC, location) in the report


AI developed by Guerbet, winner of the International PI-CAI Challenge on prostate cancer detection.
Choose an innovative, high-performance AI algorithm to segment the prostate, perform rapid, reliable analysis, identify lesions and ensure patient follow-up.
Automatic prostate segmentation and volume calculation
Automatic calculation of PSA density
Automatic detection of suspicious areas of PIRADS > 3 thanks to artificial intelligence
PI-CAI Challenge results:
Logiciel montrant les images du scanner abdominal - IRM Abdominal - Intrasense - Logiciel Imagerie Médicale, Myrian®


Optimize multi-modality oncology follow-up with innovative analysis, interpretation and reporting tools. Easily and intuitively assess therapeutic response at different measurement points. Innovative tools and a structured workflow dedicated to oncology follow-up.

Compatible with CT, MRI and PET-CT
Automatic segmentation and measurement of lesions in a single click
Automatic selection of patient's comparative examinations
Easy lesion tracking
Automatic synchronization of images from different examinations
Support for standard evaluation criteria (RECIST 1.1) and customized evaluation criteria
Summary dashboard for oncology follow-up
Management of different measurement points (Baseline, NADIR)
Logiciel montrant les images du scanner du foie - IRM Abdominal - Intrasense - Logiciel Imagerie Médicale, Myrian®


A complete solution dedicated to liver lesion detection and virtual hepatectomy. Benefit from semi-automatic segmentation of the liver, lesions and vascular territory.
Semi-automatic segmentation of liver and anatomical structures (parenchyma, lesions, vascular trees)
Visualization of segmented anatomical structures
One-click calculation of segment volume
Creation and optimization of the resection surface in 2D MPR and 3D representation of the liver model
Surgical planning of hepatectomy: 3D simulation of the cutting plane, automatic calculation of healthy and resected liver volumes
Creation of 3D PDF reports
Images de scanner CT du grand intestin - Logiciel d'Imagerie - Intrasense - Logiciel Imagerie Médicale, Myrian®


Visualize your colon examinations in 3D thanks to automatic segmentation, and navigate in fully synchronized mode. Use multiple automatic tools to analyze your exam in just a few clicks and focus on your diagnosis.
Dedicated visualization screens: endoscopy, colon DCBE, Fullsight, 3D polyp zoom
Automatic colon segmentation
Measurement and localization of polyps
Automatic calculation of distance from lesion to rectum
Virtual endoscope navigation and 3D ribbon view
Generation of a complete fat assessment report
Polyp evaluation and reporting according to C-RADS guidelines
Structured workflow dedicated to your examination
Segmentation des tissus adipeux de l'abdomen - IRM Abdominal - Intrasense - Logiciel Imagerie Médicale, Myrian®


Benefit from a dedicated protocol for automatic quantification and segmentation of abdominal adipose tissue.
One-click segmentation of peripheral and visceral adipose regions
Automatic calculation of adipose ratio in peripheral and visceral areas
Automatic calculation of waist circumference
Setting of fat intensity threshold
Manual tools to modify segmentation
Generation of a complete fat assessment report
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