An advanced, fully orchestrated visualization solution

Why choosing Myrian?

Packed with a wealth of features
Myrian combines advanced clinical apps and artificial intelligence within a single platform, making your day-to-day work simpler, easier and faster.
Smart workflow
Myrian delivers the best in advanced, feature-rich clinical tools, making your day-to-day work easier.
Protocols fully tailored to your workflow
Our protocols are fully integrated into your clinical workflow, delivering efficiency gains in the exam visualisation process. With Myrian, you can analyse your exams in just a few steps.

Myrian 2.9
Stay focused on your patients

Faster and more precise interpretation in the interests of patient health

The new Myrian platform lets you stay focused on what matters, helping you achieve faster interpretation, more precise diagnosis and more efficient follow-up.

A wealth of features fully integrated into your workflow

Benefit from advanced, natively AI-powered clinical apps that cover a large number of specialities, anatomical areas and pathologies.

All these cutting-edge clinical features are accessible via the Myrian multimodal platform with a unified interface and workflows adapted to each examination,

so you can keep track of your patients efficiently and consistently.
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Artificial intelligence fully integrated into Myrian

Seamless integration into the clinical workflow.

The Myrian platform, backed by Intrasense’s expertise, lets you integrate AI-powered imaging algorithms and apps into your clinical workflow.

The collaboratively developed smart features are instantly accessible for use in clinical routine.

Myrian apps

Make quick clinical decisions when assessing or investigating a suspected stroke, and get patients the treatment they need faster. Quickly visualise vascularised areas and assess the extent of damage to parts of the brain in seconds.
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Cardiovascular system
Get quick analyses for your vascular exams with an MRI or other scanner. View a single vessel in seconds and analyse lesions.

Use specialist, automated tools for brain perfusion exams with an MRI or other scanner. For 2D and 3D analysis, get a qualitative and quantitative analysis of cardiac anatomy, vessels and coronary arteries, via single- or multi-phase imaging.

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Using specially designed clinical apps, perform oncology, liver, prostate, colon and abdominal fat exams in just a few minutes.
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With intuitive technology, you can focus fully on your lung exams. Our smart solutions boost your productivity, with fully automated quantification, segmentation and analysis tools, and specific protocols for Covid-19 and emphysema.
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Imaging for women’s health
Mammography, tomosynthesis, breast MRI scans and ultrasound scans: get all the tools you need right at your fingertips. Perform in-depth exams of the pelvic area and monitor for morphological and pathological changes.
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Our registration certificates

Myrian is registered as a medical device in more than 40 countries.

Myriam's certificates

The entire Myrian product line is based on DICOM standards to guarantee optimal interoperability with modalities, PACS, RIS and other information systems.


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