An advanced, fully orchestrated visualization solution

Why choose Myrian?

The power of artificial intelligence
Benefit from advanced clinical applications, natively enriched with Artificial Intelligence, covering a large number of specialties, anatomical areas or pathologies.
Packed with a wealth of features
Myrian combines advanced clinical apps and artificial intelligence within a single platform, making your day-to-day work simpler, easier and faster.
Smart workflow
Myrian delivers the best in advanced, feature-rich clinical tools, making your day-to-day work easier.
Protocols perfectly adapted to your workflow
To help you visualize your exams as efficiently as possible, our protocols are seamlessly integrated into your clinical workflow. Analyze your exams in just a few steps.

Myrian 2.12
Perfect AI integration

The power of perfectly integrated artificial intelligence

Myrian 2.12 offers a complete suite of clinical tools and artificial intelligence algorithms dedicated to prostate, lung and brain pathologies, perfectly integrated into your clinical workflow.

To guarantee the excellence of these innovations, Intrasense natively integrates high-performance algorithms that meet the highest standards. AI-enhanced clinical functionalities are accessible on Myrian, helping you to make more accurate diagnosis.

Myrian facilitates your clinical practice by putting cutting-edge technologies at your disposal within a single, unified and intuitive solution.
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Myrian apps


Make rapid therapeutic decisions when assessing or suspecting stroke, and improve patient management time. Quickly visualize vascularized zones and assess the volume of damage to a cerebral zone in a matter of seconds.
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Get quick analyses for your vascular exams with an MRI or other scanner. View a single vessel in seconds and analyse lesions.

Use specialist, automated tools for brain perfusion exams with an MRI or other scanner. For 2D and 3D analysis, get a qualitative and quantitative analysis of cardiac anatomy, vessels and coronary arteries, via single or multi-phase imaging.

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Using specially designed clinical apps, perform oncology, liver, prostate, colon and abdominal fat exams in just a few minutes.
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With intuitive technology, you can focus fully on your lung exams. Our smart solutions boost your productivity, with fully automated quantification, segmentation and analysis tools, and specific protocols for Covid-19 and emphysema.
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Need help to use Myrian (installation, workspace, visualization, data...)? The user documentation is the answer to all your questions!
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Our success stories

The Dimeo Imagerie Médicale group chooses Myrian applications for a collaborative work

Interview with Jean-Philippe NUEFFER, Radiologist:

"Myrian® gives satisfaction to our team on a clinical level, but above all it is an easy-to-use and adaptable tool: its functionalities are customizable and scalable. We benefited from a tailor-made support and were able to customize this tool to our practice."

Interview with Jean-Pierre MAZET, Director of IFMEM Tours

"Myrian® is the ideal solution by definition. It was absolutely fundamental to equip us with a solution that is used extensively at many sites on a routine basis and to have special options for teaching purposes. We are very pleased to keep up, so effectively, with the advances in medicine in terms of technological progress and ensure state-of-the-art training for our students."

Interview with Professor Housset

"Myrian® is a unique solution for optimizing exam reading and increasing the quality of diagnosis and therapeutic discussions; it contributes significantly to improving the quality of patient care and pathology monitoring."

Our registration certificates

Myrian is registered as a medical device in more than 40 countries.
The entire Myrian product line is based on DICOM standards to guarantee optimal interoperability with modalities, PACS, RIS and other information systems.
General Conditions of Use

User Documentation


Want to know everything there is to know about using the Myrian solution? Our user documentation will answer all your questions!
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    General Conditions of UseMyrian Standalone System requirements

    Your questions answered

    How does Myrian integrate into ris and pacs systems? How do i deploy Myrian?
    Myrian can be launched from the worklist in a RIS or PACS system, with smart, direct access to the right display protocol for the type of exam that needs to be interpreted. Myrian integrates fully into your work environment, irrespective of how it’s deployed. Of course, there’s a deployment method to suit every organisation, since it’s available in standalone, application server and web-access format.
    Can i customise Myrian to suit my user preferences?
    You can customise the display modes yourself, according to your preferences. Our team can also help you customise your keyboard, mouse and layout shortcuts.
    What support will i get once it’s installed?
    Our sales team will provide personal support and answer questions you may have over time. You’ll get access to training and an on-site or remote follow-up service, day and night. Our Support engineers, based in Montpellier, are available on the phone or by email from Monday to Friday for day-to-day remote support.*
    * Support disponible via l’année de garantie ou la souscription de notre contrat de service 
    Contact support
    How do i access future myrian versions and updates? How often are these released?
    If you’ve signed up for a service contract, you’ll get all the latest features of Myrian when each new version is released, depending on the apps you have installed. You can also request a demo of new clinical modules. A maintenance release is available each month, and two major version releases each year.