Women's imaging


Mammography, tomosynthesis, breast MRI or ultrasound examinations: have the most complete tools at your fingertips.

Perform advanced examinations of the pelvic area and morphological or pathological changes.



Whatever your clinical habits, standard or mirrored visualization, 2D imaging with or without tomosynthesis, Myrian XP-Mammo offers you all the tools you need to analyze your mammographic exams in a dedicated workflow. Visualize breast MRI and/or ultrasound exams in an optimized workflow.
Optimized display for mammography and tomosynthesis exams
Display adapted for comparative exams
Possibility to change the windowing in one click
1:1 viewing mode with intuitive navigation
Full size mode
Magnifying tool with adjustable zoom and synchronized display
Tomosynthesis display with synthetic image
Synchronized and adjustable tomosynthesis magnifier with volume navigation
One-click display switching between synthetic and mammographic images
Visualisation multimodalités IRM et échographie


Discover a working environment entirely dedicated to breast MRI and advanced clinical tools. Optimize your workflow and increase your productivity in exam analysis: flexible work environment, customization of your display protocols and advanced diagnostic tools to enhance the quality of your patients' care.
Display and visualization adapted to your exams
Simplified navigation through the different acquisition phases
Lesion measurements and creation of a linked vascular profile
Complete parametric maps
Measurements on the ADC map
Dynamic intensity curve for lesion characterization
Structured report with lesion location and ACR scoring


All clinical features for optimized visualization and analysis of MRI scans of the female pelvic area. A set of applications and tools dedicated to the characterization and classification of :
Ovarian masses
Cervical lesions
Myometrial masses
Endometrial lesions
Ectopic endometrial tissue lesions
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