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Head & neck


With Myrian XP-Brain Perfusion CT, you can make rapid therapeutic decisions following a neurological examination for the evaluation or suspicion of stroke. Myrian XT-Icobrain* lets you analyze and quantify brain structures on CT or MRI images using artificial intelligence.
With Myrian XP-Dental, interpret imaging examinations as part of dental and orthodontic follow-up.

The added values


Quickly visualize cerebral perfusion series with multi-phase navigation and analyze ischemic lesions. Benefit from automatic calculation of the mismatch ratio in a matter of seconds, in a fully configurable way.


Take full advantage of the power of artificial intelligence to quantify brain structures on CT or MRI images with Icobrain. Compare imaging analysis results with normative bases.


Use a set of functionalities dedicated to the visualization and analysis of dental scanner and cone beam examinations: measurement, annotation, alignment. Ensure optimal patient follow-up with expert tools.


Résultats de la perfusion cérébrale - IRM AVC - Intrasense - Logiciel Imagerie Médicale, Myrian®


Benefit from a state-of-the-art tool for early detection of areas of hypoperfusion and assessment of therapeutic efficacy.
Advanced segmentation and automatic detection tools
Automatic calculation of volume and mismatch ratio in seconds
Comparison with contralateral hemisphere
Measurement of symmetrical ROIs
Multi-phase navigation
Access to parametric maps: CBV (Cerebral Blood Volume), CBF (Cerebral blood Flow), Tmax (Time to maximum), TTP (Time To Peak), MTT (Mean Transit Time), Mismatch
Résultats de la perfusion cérébrale - IRM AVC - Intrasense - Logiciel Imagerie Médicale, Myrian®


Use the icobrain AI solution, enabling automatic labeling, visualization and volumetric quantification of segmentable brain structures and their comparison with normative bases.
Dedicated to chronic and acute neurological pathologies: multiple sclerosis, dementia, head trauma, epilepsy, stroke, etc.
Automatic calculation of volume and mismatch ratio in seconds
MRI and CT quantification of brain structures
Concise, disease-specific reports with normative reference values and color-coded segmentations in DICOM format
Pre-filled report template, translating volumes and population statistics into natural language
Résultats de la perfusion cérébrale - IRM AVC - Intrasense - Logiciel Imagerie Médicale, Myrian®


Use an advanced clinical application to view and analyze dental and cone beam scans. Perform customized dental and orthodontic follow-up.
Dental overlay to navigate and visualize the dental arch in 3 views
Advanced measurement tools (distance, diameters)
Reformatting tools (curvilinear or linear)
Realignment of upper and lower jaws
Reconstruction of the dental arch to build a panoramic view
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* icobrain software is a Class Im device. It carries the CE 1639 mark in compliance with the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC. icobrain is a medical device intended for healthcare professionals. Legal manufacturer: icometrix (icometrix NV Kolonel Begaultlaan 1b/12, 3012 Leuven, Belgium). Not reimbursable.