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Disappearing artificial intelligence

10 January 2023 
At a time when everyone in medical imaging only talks about artificial intelligence, our only goal is to make it invisible. The convergence of reliable artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and the growing body of image data have created fertile ground for its use in solving the problems facing radiologists and clinicians. Press articles and communication […]
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Brain perfusion CT, a key tool in the assessment of stroke

12 June 2022 
Stroke is a consequence of the obstruction or the rupture of a vessel supplying the brain, results in a neurological deficit of sudden installation, which can concern various aspects including motor ability, language, sensitivity or even vision just to name the most common symptoms. Manifestations vary and depend on the site of the brain injury. […]
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Is teleradiology the future of radiology?

24 February 2021 
Teleradiology has evolved from a potential threat to a more widely accepted traditional medical imaging technique and improved access to care for large numbers of patients. Many departments now use teleradiology or external reading of exams. However, there are still some obstacles to allow him to reach his full potential. The role of teleradiology in […]
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