With our dedicated vessel analysis solution, benefit from detailed visualization of arteries and accelerate the identification of stenoses, aneurysms and dissections. Visualize, analyze and quantify coronary calcification in just a few clicks for rapid analysis of coronary heart disease. Get precise data for informed therapeutic decisions.

The added values

Rapid quantification of calcifications

Save precious time by speeding up the analysis of your routine examinations, while maintaining a reliable diagnosis, limiting coronary risk.

Simplified analysis of stenoses

Visualize and measure stenoses accurately to anticipate the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Complete multimodality visualization

Opt for multimodality visualization of vessels, offering a more detailed and precise analysis of vascular structures.



Semi-automatic aorta segmentation
Automatic centerline calculation and manual labeling
Automatic masking of bony structures
Calcification display
CPR and cross-sectional visualization of vessels
3D volume visualization
Quantification of stenoses and aneurysms
Stent planning


MPR/oblique visualization of injected series
Automatic coronary segmentation
Automatic ostia detection
Automatic calculation and labeling of vessel midline
Automatic detection of calcifications
Automatic calculation of calcium score and positioning in relation to a population of similar age, gender and ethnicity (MESA cohort)
Quantification of stenoses
Stent placement planning
2D or 3D analysis
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